Today at their annual WWDC Keynote, Apple announced iOS 8, the next major version of iOS, which includes features like an all new Photos app, a much improved Messages app, custom keyboard support, Family Sharing, and more.

Here at 9to5Mac, we’re all busy trying out the new software on our phones, so in the meantime, here’s a brief hands-on look at Apple’s new version of iOS. Stayed tuned for more in depth coverage of both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite later today.


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27 Responses to “Hands-on with iOS 8 [Video]”

  1. how buggy is beta 1? stable as a daily driver?

    • Very buggy, Settings app crashes frequently, Most apps i have tried crash. App Store works 25% of the time Chrome gives security warnings and doesnt load anything. Keyboard sometimes the screen gets stuck behind the keyboard. Wouldn’t recommend as a daily driver just yet.

      Its worth installing just to see Blood Alcohol % tracker in the health app though!

    • gwalmsley says:

      Messaging app is super buggy as well also the screen sensor shuts the screen off randomly when you put your fingers anywwhre near it with the messaging app open doesn’t do it EVERYTIME but it does do it

  2. Timelapse feature in camera app! -> CHECK!

  3. wow how *yawnnnn* innovative….

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Is there a chart somewhere that we could use to measure how mentally defective you are?

    • That’s a clear piece of trolling. I though the presentation was astonishing. The power of so many of the new functionality is awesome. The kind of continuity and consistency and cross device usability that Apple is offering is light years ahead of Android.

      And the stats on Android and Windows were completely shocking. I actually pity Android users.

  4. Ian Wood says:

    Anyone seen enough of the ‘active notifications’ yet to determine if you can actually read more than 1 line of the messages you’re replying to? That’s why I never use the feature in OS X – if someone sends a message longer than a line or two I can’t see the whole thing from there but somehow I might want to reply?

  5. Can anyone explain why Apple chose to go straight to iOS8 from iOS7.1.1 ? Because I am bewildered.

    There appears to be no major UI revision. Sure the new functionality is great and interesting and I love everything I get from Apple. However it looks from what I saw on the presentation today more of a 7.2 thing ?

    • hmurchison says:

      It’s because you don’t understand API, Frameworks and other building blocks. A developer has to write against these and have a “sensible” target. Now if Apple did major OS updates with point updates 7.2 would make sense but they don’t. With 4000 API changes you have to call it iOS 8 for developer sanity. Even something like Extensions is going to cause a huge change in how people use their devices. For support you have to be able to know you’re in the ballpark if you ask someone what OS version they are running and they say “iOS 6″ or “iOS 7″ Customer will not know the difference between 7.1 and 7.2 unless they are pretty savvy

      • I get you. It is just confusing from a user end.

      • @howardbrittain: Not really. They’ve never (if memory serves, maybe in the first year or three) released a new iPhone with an iterative OS. It’s always been a new OS number with the new iPhone model. They could introduce iOS 9 next year and only add something like, say, auto wallpaper switching and they’d still call it iOS 9 rather than iOS 8.x. It’s actually more logical, if not from a “power” user end, then from a consumer/sales end. A new major OS version is more of a selling point than an iterative version. Most consumers (the overwhelming majority of users) don’t give a crap about OS version numbers. My wife didn’t even know what “iOS” meant.

        All that being said, I don’t know what you’re smoking. iOS 9 is bringing a ton of new and improved stuff to the table both on the user facing side and under the hood.

  6. I find the beta pretty stable, fast and smooth

  7. glock858 says:

    Once again Apple refuses to give it consumers what they want. Simple things such as photos in the address book next to their respective name ..second, the ability to customize colors in IMessage , ie making my moms iMessages yellow my red and my sisters green…third, the ability to have once again a pic of the person next to the iMessage and who gives a crap about group messaging ..sorry I dont and the ability should be on both ends…simple things apple the ability to customize my iPhone is very important to me and millions of others..thank god for cydia apple should take a page from their playbook…lord knows they need to…

    • But who has actually asked for any of those things which all sound like disasters? What legitimate advantage would any of that add to anything? You do know there are apps that have done those exact functions that you describe, right? The average consumer would find random bubble colors to be confusing and unnecessary, and I know of nobody (aside from myself and one other person) who went through and added contact pictures to everyone in their phone. Sure, facebook does it, but sometimes that doesn’t work, and that’s only if the user bothers to set it up, which most haven’t.

      Don’t make broad statements about apple refusing to give consumers what they want. If you’re going to whine about minuscule features that 99.99% of the population has no use or desire for, say “Once again, Apple refuses to give ME what I want!”, because that’s what you’re really meaning.

      • glock858 says:

        “But who has actually asked for any of those things which all sound like disasters? ” we the consumers have and been. unlike you personalization of ones phone or device is advantageous.”You do know there are apps that have done those exact functions that you describe, right?” on cydia give you the ability to customize iOS 7 they way apple should of. “The average consumer would find random bubble colors to be confusing and unnecessary” what planet do u live on? the majority of iPhone users are not noobs and this is what they want and desire, women especially and they my friend make up 65% of apples iPhone clientele. as you can see you are the one making broad statements, i on the other hand have only been asking for what apple refuses to give its customers, but hey a health app and the ability to send a voice sms is what the people want and need, please get a clue. all i have to say is thank god for cydia , without them iOS would be oh so very plain and boring.

    • I see no great need for the things you mention. I have photos oppose contacts in the Favourites, and within each contact.
      And as for the colours etc. This is really an Android/Windows kind of excessive customisation mindset kind of thing imho. If you want that extent of customisation then Apple is just not your kind of thing.

      • glock858 says:

        ‘I see no great need for the things you mention.’ this is the mentality that truly scares me and many others, just because you do not see a need for it doesn’t mean others do….as for android (kitkat) at least they give you the ability to do so which is all i and others want from apple..god forbid we get it the earth might implode…

    • daitenshe says:

      Are you just going to copy and paste your whining about “what users want” on all future articles? All the things you just described are things I couldn’t care less about. You need to understand the difference between “I want this” and “everyone wants this” because you obviously don’t yet.

      • glock858 says:

        once again another dictator who demands that his or her opinion is the only one that matters…get a clue !!!

      • daitenshe says:

        You… You do realize that that was exactly what you were doing, right?

      • daitenshe says:

        Like, not even “you were sorta doing something like this” but it was EXACTLY what you were doing. Notice the three people that commented on your tirade were telling you your ideas weren’t that good/desirable? And then you follow that with haughty, derisive comments? You’re too funny.

  8. rogifan says:

    So iOS 8 isn’t under an NDA?

  9. Graham J says:

    “A brief look” isn’t a hands-on. Nice clickbait.

  10. ize2000 says:

    I have seen this video which goes over the experience and functionality in brief detail.

  11. A much improved messages app???? Have you used it? It’s honestly my least favorite thing Apple has ever done. The new picture message interface is a nightmare, and has lead to far too many accidental picture messages sent while I try to figure out what the hell is going on with it.

    I’m a huge Apple fanboy, but damn, that messages app better have resulted in some firings, because it’s a hellish pit of frustration.