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At the Apple Distinguished Educator conference this week, Apple Vice President of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson spoke to educators about the importance of the environment and Apple’s related work. Jackson showed the above photo and said “that little green leaf means a lot to me.” The leaf outlines multiple words expressing Apple’s work on the environment such as “Apple Campus 2″ and “EPEAT.” During her talk, Jackson shared Apple’s work to trying to reach 100% renewable energy across its operations and she said that Apple is “not going to stop until we get to 101%…”

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Jackson also touted recently released statistics such as that Apple’s data centers are now 100% run on renewable energy. She also discussed Apple’s overall carbon footprint in 2014:

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Jackson also shared interesting statistics regarding both iOS devices and Macs and the environment. She said that it only costs 51 cents to charge an iPhone everyday for a year in energy. She also talked about Apple’s cycle of improving products model-after-model so that they are more environmentally efficient:

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Other topics of note from Jackson’s talk include information about lack of harmful materials in Apple’s products, a segment on Apple’s recent newspaper advertisement, and Apple’s recycling programs.

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To fit with the theme of environmental responsibility during the Apple Education-related conference, many teachers in the audience noted that they took notes on the event with iPads and applications such as Paper.

Jackson joined Apple last year, and she was previously on President Obama’s Administration as the head of the EPA.

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9 Responses to “Apple environment chief Lisa Jackson speaks at Apple Distinguished Educator conference”

  1. Some interesting tidbits here.


  2. It’s so embarrassing that Apple hired her. I wonder if she has two email accounts at Apple too… Her hiring has got to be the result of the shakedown Apple had in DC a couple years ago. Hope it ends here.


  3. Brett Huhn says:

    I would be great if this lady dressed for the occasion. This looks like what she would wear when it was laundry day.


    • flaviosuave says:

      You’re right, she should have dressed up in jeans and an untucked button-up shirt like the rest of Apple’s leadersh…oh, wait, she did. Get bent. No woman needs to dress to please you.


      • Brett Huhn says:

        She is new, AND she could not dress to please me because she is a Schlubby fat body who has no place at Apple. She is BLECHY. Get “suave” SHAMPOO


  4. OMG Lisa, you need an overhaul!