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Apple has begun airing a new television advertisement for the MacBook Air that promotes the computer as “the notebook people love.” The ad demonstrates various personal connections to the MacBook Air via various stickers for the computer’s lid. Some stickers range from one of Homer Simpson holding the Apple logo, one with Snow White, and various cool black and white graphics. Apple last updated the MacBook Air earlier this year with improved processors and lower pricing, and significant updates to the line are expected this fall. Apple has also posted a new webpage to promote the ad and the stickers shown within the ad.

You can watch the ad below:

Thanks, Dayton!


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45 Responses to “Apple airing cool new MacBook Air TV ad: ‘the notebook people love’”

  1. email4nickp says:

    Me likes


  2. aminebaj says:

    This ad is the SHIT !!! I like the music and the transitions


  3. Ooo, vintage apple logo. This is a new Apple and I really like it!


  4. Big props to Apple and MAL for including logos of small companies like stone + cloth, socially-driven backpacks that give scholarships to kids. more big companies need to do this.


  5. This is fake. And in other news, the iPhone display is made of sapphire. Please practice some journalism and research these things before posting them as factual.


  6. Steve Grenier says:

    Cool ad. Love the Heisenberg cameo. Breaking Bad ftw!


  7. ashtraywasp says:

    According to the description on the official Apple YouTube trailer.. this is produced by Hudson Mohawke.

    Wow. Good choice Apple. Good choice.

    I’ve watched it like six times now and this is a truly stunning advert. It’s a real acknowledgement of how a lot of young people see the MacBook. Just because iPhones dominated the world, MacBooks are still cool as hell.

    Pretty much every young electronic or hip-hop producer or DJ in the world has a MacBook in front of them at all times, just like every journalist, but this is the first advert to truly embrace that dormant coolness.

    Warp. Stones Throw. LuckyMe. Kompact. Ed Banger. Fool’s Gold. Mad Decent. A couple Hudson Mohawke stickers…

    Seeing each one of those one by one literally caused my mouth to gradually open more and more. This could possibly be the coolest Apple advert in years.. over half a dozen of the freshest most original labels putting stuff out today all in their natural environment as a sticker on a MacBook. On an official Apple ad.

    The ubiquitous Supreme sticker. Diamond Supply Co. Chocolate. Pretty Sweet. Undefeated. Giving the nod to all kinds of clothing line sticker incumbents.

    This advert as a whole is excellent. Getting Hudson Mohawke to produce for it as well is just full on amazing.

    The song is a total departure from a lot of the middle of the road singer songwriter stuff that always seems to surround Apple events, and the terrible terrible Jim Dalrymple-appeasing generic rock stuff from last years Mac Pro advert. I’ve always thought there are so many amazing electronic producers making genuinely original music that seem like the perfect fit and sonic equivalent of an Apple product.

    Next Apple trailer with music by.. Jamie xx? Burial? Four Tet? Madlib? Mssingno? Friendzone? Jacques Greene? Aphex Twin?! Make it happen Apple.


  8. Insanely outstanding, something you’ll likely never to see on a Surface or any other laptop, and another testament to Apple’s cool factor that very few companies, especially in computer hardware, can match.

    Also love that they’re back to 30-seconds of genius. Well done Apple, well done.


  9. Just awesome. Thumbs up to 9toMac, you guys are running a great site. We’ll put up a 20% discount for your readers on stickers like these.
    Head over to and type in “9to5Mac” in the coupon field to get your 20% as well as free shipping.
    For 7 days only.


  10. Wonder if this has any thing to do with the marketing team coming from beats?


  11. this ad must have been made by guys from Beats


  12. aeronperyton says:

    That was a lot more pop culture referencing than I was expecting. I really like this ad a lot.

    Notice how the MacBooks don’t quite line up perfectly with each transition and some show scratches and scuffs from constant use. Instead of typical Apple PR shots that are post-processed to lapland and back, it looks as if they pulled each unit out of someone’s tote bag and took a picture. A very realistic and genuine touch to the imagery.


  13. Tim Cleary says:

    This ad is so simple, so awesome. It’s leaps and bounds better than any of that Samsung Galaxy shit. Samsung, take note…you DO NOT make fun of the people you are trying to convert to your brand. You create a brand that people love..worship even. You advertise by showing off how cool and awesome your features/design is. You entice people that might be on the fence. You show them how awesome this lifestyle is and you invite everyone to sample it with open arms. You don’t tell that person they are an idiot for not using your brand in the first place. You copied everything else from Apple, why not copy that idea too. Okay..rant over..heh


  14. stefek99 says:

    Yeah! Perfect fit to #laptopstickers collection: :)


  15. cool ad…even cooler music.

    the only way i could see and really enjoy the decals is by scrubbing through the video slowly. I was surprised as to how many cool decals I missed just cause they were flying by so fast.

    it would be cool if someone with time on their hands would create a web page with screen shots of the decals with the company that makes them.


  16. This is super cool. Apple knows how to appeal to our emotions…


  17. I’m going to ask the question, anyone know a good sticker site?


  18. I would love to get the “Heisenberg” (from Breaking Bad) sticker. Is it on sale somewhere ?


  19. FabRock1986:

    Love the new Apple add!

    Just saw an nice adaptation:


  20. Does anyone know the name of the song that is played during this piece? It sounds so familar.


  21. shmoo419 says:

    Here is the song you all probably came here for:

    You’re welcome ;)


  22. Brad Taylor says:

    somebody pls tell me what this song is called coz I have no idea!!!