Digitimes is claiming Apple will launch a new model of MacBook soon, potentially by the end of 2014. According to the report, component production has already begun in small quantities. The current MacBook Air tapers from 0.3 cm to 1.7cm, so it is unclear in what form the new product will be thinner. Although the report is not specific, the report could be referencing the long-rumored 12 inch Retina MacBook Air.

Digitimes’ report lacks any specifics aside from the release window. KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo first mentioned the idea of a brand new Retina Air in 2013, predicting a launch in Q3 2014. The Air is expected to feature a radical new design, high-resolution display and a buttonless trackpad.

An anonymous Chinese report claimed the machine would be fanless, although the trustworthiness of that claim was extremely questionable. On a related note, Bloomberg said earlier today that it believes Apple will release a new 12.9 inch iPad early next year. Clearly, the lines between MacBook and iOS are going to blur even more very, very soon.

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19 Responses to “Thinner MacBook to launch later this year or early 2015, according to report”

  1. why is it necessary to make it thinner? personally, I’d rather see it the size of a macbook Pro and give me a another usb port.

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    • Hey David. I agree it’ll be a bummer to lose any more ports… Yesterday I was saying how great it’ll be to eventually have a thinner laptop. I’m a commercial photographer and my camera bag (including a 15″ rMBP) weighs about 35 lbs and I’ve also got other cases I’m lugging as well. Cutting one pound might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re lugging this thing around all day it definitely helps.

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    • Screw “more ports”. People have been complaining about “ports” and “missing DVD drives” since Air was introduced. We don’t need either – give me an ultra thin and portable laptop with all day battery life and no fans.

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    • I’m actually happy with the current size and it seems a little small for me already. I don’t know if I’d like to see MacBook Pro’s become any thinner. This is already ridiculous!


    • It will still have the same number of ports I think because there is a high chance they will use the Type C USB specs – which is reversible and thinner. So it wouldn’t be a problem for macbook to get thinner while keeping USB. What mainly concerns me is the the HDMI port to be honest. Will they go back to Lighting port again?


  2. “Clearly, the lines between MacBook and iOS are going to blur even more very, very soon.”

    Yeah, lets blur it a little more with an LTE option.

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  3. I’m pretty sure Digitimes’ track record is 0 over the past 5+ years. This is a complete NON-story. This isn’t news. Stop creating posts for this tripe.


  4. nelmat says:

    I’d rather see a fatter MacBook with 24 hour battery life, bigger hard drive and more processing power. Constant obsession with making mobile products slimmer, when battery life should be the major focus, these things are hardly heavy to carry around, a few more ounces/millimetres isn’t going to hurt portability.

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  5. So, maybe it’s a macbook air, or maybe a retina macbook air. maybe it’s 12″, or maybe it’s a 13″, but not for sure. maybe it will even be thinner, or maybe without a fan…..
    c’mon guys, feeding the Apple rumor mill with non-stories is just a waste of your time, digitized space, and our time as well.
    I’m so sick of all these reports of upcoming products, which are not even rumors, just made up stories, to occupy your desk space!
    and maybe late 2014 or 2015? PLEASE STOP THIS INSANITY!
    Everything with Apple is always TOMORROW, SOME TIME, OR EVENTUALLY, AND ALWAYS MAYBE!!!!


  6. I thought the current model was thin! Also, it seems a little questionable that a laptop may not have a fan. I use my fans all the time, especially because of overheating when I use VirtualBox machines. I can’t imagine a laptop without fans.


  7. With Broadwell chips being delayed until early next year and Skylake chips coming the middle of me tbyear why not just wait for the Skylake chips

    I still wouldn’t be surprised if apple tests its own chip is a version of the 22″ MacBook Air. I can’t see Apple ditching MagSafe. Unless Apple gets a special early allotment of a broadwell chips I don’t see the 12″ Airs coming this year.

    I’m still hoping Apple goes 14″ and 16″ on the MacBook Pros.


  8. Glenn Morrow says:

    I want a MBP with a Slylake Intel cpu and the new Iris 5500 ? GPU 16 Gigs of DDR 4 and no fan fo $1999!