EDIT: I know some of you are mad that we linked directly to the torrent site.  The reason we did this is to show people what we are talking about (that it does exist).  People who are going to steal are going to know how to find a torrent.  Those who don’t steal aren’t going to be swayed by our link.  Move along.

Well, that didn’t take very long.  It looks like those Internet “Evil Doers” have  posted Apple’s new lifestyle set of apps on the Internet for all to see.  It is really just unfortunate for Apple, who does not include any sort of serial number or tracking on their consumer applications, to miss out on revenue. I guess at a very reasonable $79.99 price point, they expect most customers to do the right thing and pay to play.   If pirating eats too much into Apple’s bottom line, they will be forced to implement some sort of complicated  hassleware to keep their innovations from being picked up from illegitimate sources.  That would be bad.

On the flip side, I guess it is good to have this sort of thing for people who have defective or lost installer DVDs.

If you are too lazy/scared/morally-not-bankrupt to steal iWork, just head over to Apple’s iWork ’08 trial download page.

People, don’t steal – buy it cheap!

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