Crazy egg results

So, dear readers, we’ve been spying on you for the last 12 hours with this great new service called Crazy Egg.  Hope you don’t mind!

The service tracks the user clicks over time all over the webpage.  If you have a website, we highly reccomend you give it a shot.  The idea was to get some information on what our readers loved and what they didn’t.  The results weren’t too terribly shocking except that the “Enterprise” group wan’t being clicked very much.  As a Mac site, we know that Apple is lacking in the Enterprise market – one of the ongoing themes here is to call attention to this.  Perhaps the name “Enterprise” needs a bit of work.

So maybe you can tell us how we should group this information.  Perhaps, “Mac Business” or “Macenterprise” or “Mac at work”.  Give us your ideas…Or maybe we should make a poll?

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