Another Apple Event has come and gone. No big surprises really.  Apple has released some solid but overdue products.

  • The new shuffle colors?  :/ No comment
  • The new iPod Classic?  Reality distortion at its most profound?  I guess the “We couldn’t sell enough of these things before the new ones were ready iPod” didn’t really have the Zing!  160GB is nice I guess but that screen is so..tiny…
  • Cheaper  iPhones?  Really?  We bet the early adopters are happy Apple snagged that $200 tax for 2 months of early adoption.  $100/month.  Suckers!
  • Mobile Store?  More ways for Apple to get your money for DRM.  That is a helluva “one more thing”
  • Ring Tones!?!? Paying an extra buck to get a portion of a song YOU ALREADY OWN on your iPhone? HAHAHAHA.  You are in a reality obliteration field if you are psyched about this.  Seriously, we know this is the record companies’ doing but how does Steve give this to us with a straight face?!  Is this a benefit?  Can we make ringtones out of songs we make in Garage Band?  Way to go corporate whores Apple!

As soon as you wipe all of that Apple event off of your face Apple fanboys, remember:

  • no iChat yet
  • Starbucks in bed with Apple.  These big deal things always turn out messy – with Apple’s partners hatin’.
  • no VOIP on the touch now or in the future – no sound in.
  • no open dev. platform for these things.  got to hack hack hack
  • 16Gb fills up really fast.  Better hope there is plenty of Wifi around
  • what is all of the extra space on that iPodtouch – where are the other apps?

A solid event to be sure.  Kudos Apple for releasing some great products.  Now get back to work!

Oh, btw.  New MacBook Pros coming in January…more… coming…

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