Apple has released some new ads that are taking a pretty serious swipe at Microsoft. Our personal experience with Vista has been lackluster but many of our colleagues have been fighting and clawing to get back to the normalcy of XP. We think it might have more to do with Microsoft’s five years between upgrades than anything else – imagine going from OSX 10.1 to OSX 10.5! It goes without saying that Leopard (heck Tiger and probably Panther) is a better operating systems than Vista. Apple, however won’t make the type of machines that will allow it to gain a much bigger marketshare.  We are starting to think that Apple is pretty happy with the 10% or getting the other 90% very slowly.

Also, is it us or are you kind of tired of this ad campaign?  There is a certain smugness about it that, combined with Mac fanboy arrogance, is probably a huge turn off for would-be switchers.
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