The stars have been further aligning up lately on the new MacBook Pros.  If you are thinking about making an Apple laptop purchase hold out for a week or so.  MacRumors thinks it will be within two weeks and some new battery specs have hit the interwebs.  Also we’ve been hearing stories from  retailers that new SKU’s for MacBook Pros are hitting the streets (anyone care to elaborate?)…So our predictions are as follows:

  • No big announcement and not released at Macworld so just minor upgrades, not major overhaul (bummer)
  • Same basic design/form
  • May be packaged with 10.5.2
  • Keyboard like MacBook Air
  • Most likely bigger multi-touch trackpad that looks much like the MacBook Air’s – same functionality
  • 45nm Penryn chips will be marginally faster and save 10%ish on battery usage, upgraded graphics cards as well
  • Same price points, 3 models – two 15’s and a 17 (now LED screened)
  • Hopefully, but sadly doubtful 3G or WiMAX (We know we keep saying it but hopefully Apple will listen)
  • Possibility being thinner package and of SSD option or hybrid config

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