Apple last night released the 1.1.4 iPhone firmware.  Early reports say that it is Jailbreakable via Zibri’s method but both Zibri and iJailbreak are telling people to hold off for a few days until they work out any bugs.

Us? Updated to 1.1.4 and trying out the different jailbreaks.  Zibri’s 2.4 works fine as far as we can tell.  We did get a weird error (pictured) but the iPhone works fine, upgrades,, phone etc, all working…more to come…as we play with it.  We’re looking at the updated files of course.

UPDATE: Zibri 2.5 is out and supports iPhone 1.1.4 officially.

Also iNdependence 1.4Beta is out – which also supports 1.1.4


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