is reporting some startling information on the iPhone in Australia.  Their Source?  Apple resellers who were apparantly told this ahead of schedule (perhaps slightly unlikely).  But anyway here’s their take:

  • Last week of June release
  • More than 1 carrier
  • No contract lock in
  • Current resellers will be able to sell iPhones

The June release isn’t a shocker.  However, they are saying that it will be sold like iPods – from resellers and at the new Apple Stores – with out carrier lock-in.  Since Telstra is the only carrier with EDGE, this either means that they don’t need to lock the iPhone in – because it will only run on Telstra – or that it will be of the 3G variety so it works on all of the networks. 

Was this what Tim Cook meant by saying "Apple isn’t married to the current carrier lock in model"?

MacTalk also expects the release to coincide with the opening of the Sydney and Melbourne Apple Stores. 

This adds to the information about a iPhone programmer job description from Telsta.

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