Apple Finds itself at position 103 on the Fortune 500 for 2008.  This represents the highest point it has reached since 1994 when it took  number 67.  After 1994, Apple began a slow slide that didn’t turn around until Steve Jobs returned to the helm.  Last year Apple was at 121 and in 2006 Apple was at 159.  Obviously that is a pretty steep slope Apple is climbing and with the economic downturn effecting everyone a bit moreso than Apple, you should expect to see Apple in the top 100 next year.  In fact, if Apple had not spread its AppleTV and iPhone revenues out over two years, it would have probably made the top 100 this year.

Fortune reported the below figures…

                             $ millions    % change from 2006
Revenues                     24,006.0    24.3
Profits                           3,496.0    75.8
Assets                         25,347.0    —
Stockholders’ equity     14,532.0    —
Market value              125,688.1    — 


We’ll find out more at tomorrow’s earnings call.

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