Apple raised $378 million through iPhone, iPhone accessory sales and payments from carriers, the company revealed during last night’s financial call.

CFO Peter Oppenheimer revealed the scale of payments from carriers during his preamble last night. He admitted to 1.7 million iPhone sales in the March quarter, and also revealed total deferred revenue from iPhone and Apple TV was $1.93 billion at the end of the March quarter, compared to $1.44 billion at the end of the December quarter.

"Because we announced the specific new features to be included in the iPhone 2.0 release and plan to provide them to iPhone customers as a free upgrade in late June, we will delay the start of revenue recognition for all iPhones sold on or after our March 6th announcement date until the iPhone 2.0 software is delivered," Oppenheimer added.

The revenue and cost of sales associated with these iPhones will be recognized over the remaining terms of their respective 24-month estimated lives, he added.



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