Carphone Warehouse is out of stock of 8GB iPhones following its recent move to cut £100 off the cost of the device.

The high street mobile phone retailer has been warning website publishers who are members of the Tradedoubler affiliate advertising network to stop advertising the discounted models, as they’re out of stock.

"Thanks to the most phenomenal response to the promotion, The Carphone Warehouse is now out of stock on the Apple iPhone," a message from the retailer reads. "Please can you remove all reference to the iPhone promotion in your copy."

The company website continues to take orders for the 8GB model, but the retailer says it doesn’t "expect to receive any additional stock at this time." 

The imminent release of a new version of the iPhone was once again discussed by the analysts at CitiGroup last night, where Richard Gardner and Yeechang Lee predict the new device will be announced during the WWDC keynote speech on 9 June.

The analysts say the new (3G) iPhone will be the "first of an impressive wave of new products", predicting upgraded laptops and iPods may also make their appearance at the show.


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