NIke + Apple in student promo

 Just a student story: UK students at two Leeds universities are competing in a distance running challenge, using Nike + iPod kits.

The scenario sees students from both universities signing-up to join the running battle through the Nike+ website. Nike vans went through the University of Leeds and Leeds Met University to hand out free Nike+ T-shirts and Nike+ Sports Kits this week, helping drive the student’s in their ambitions to run the most kilometres in 29 days.

Top athletes will win Nike and Apple gear, including iPod nanos, Nike-branded clothes and shoes. The winning university team will also receive fifty pairs of VIP tickets to an iTunes Live From London event at Apple’s Regent Street Store. The competition begins on 25 April and ends on 23 May, and there’s more information on this Facebook page.

Nike points out that any Nike+ user can create their own challenge or join an existing one at


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