All MacBooks released in 2009 will carry LED backlight screens, claims Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, via DigiTimes.

The report reveals backlight maker Kenmos Technology last year emerged to be Apple’s leading provider of screens, with the company set to widen its franchise through the company’s computers next uear. Kenmos is expected to ship 1.5 million LEDs this year and already provides the LED screens used in the MacBook Pro and Air computers.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs last year promised to make the switch to LED screens as part of the company’s attempt to become more environmentally responsible, though he declined to say when this switch would take place.

“To eliminate mercury in our displays, we need to transition from fluorescent lamps to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate the displays,” he said. “Apple plans to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of mercury by transitioning to LED backlighting for all displays when technically and economically feasible,” he wrote.

We think it possible the LED screens will be deployed in the next generation of MacBook, which is also expected to sport an aluminium chassis, faster Core 2 Duo processors, and 

Recent reports have suggested that the next revision of the consumer-oriented MacBook will undergo a major redesign that converts the portable from plastic to aluminum and should also introduce other technical improvements, such as Intel’s Centrino 2 platform and accompanying faster Core 2 Duo processors. 


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