3G iPhone landing in US?

Apple has taken delivery of 188 ocean containers carrying a mysterious new class of product, “electric computers”, a product description never seen on an Apple or Quanta shipment before.

These huge deliveries have given rise to speculation the boxes may contain next-gen iPhones, new breeds of MacBook or even the much speculated upon and never yet confirmed Mac tablet. 

We’re not certain on these claims, they’re being propogated by a website called ImportGenius, which claims to have analysed “thousands of US customs records” for Apple’s US imports, through which they identified major imports of the new product type.

“They have never before reported this product on their customs declarations,” says Ryan Petersen of ImportGenius.com. On March 19 Quanta delivered 20 ocean containers of merchandise under the new description. Shipments followed on March 27, April 28, May 6 and May 17, the report claims, adding that shipments of the products described as “desktop computers” did not fall off in this time, suggesting the company’s importing stocks of a new product.

Of course, it’s all speculation, Apple and its partners may simply changed what they put on the bill of lading. Still, this rumour is bound to generate yet more excitement as expectation builds toward a new 3G iPhone and potentially other new Apple products making their debut in June. And, let’s face it, whatever products Apple plans to sell need to be imported into its various territories somehow…

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