Never lost with iPhone

 We came across this unique story of the iPhone, Ireland, the Peace Maze…and GPS…

Many years ago a Peace Maze was created in Castlewellan Forest park in County Down, Northern Ireland. It was officially opened by the Minister of Agriculture for Northern Ireland, Mrs Brid Rodgers, on 12 September 2001.

The maze is simply huge – it covers a ground area of 11,000 square metres, has over two miles of hedge and the entire maze circuit extends across two miles – you really can find yourself lost in there. 

The maze is planted with 6,000 Yew trees which form largest hedge maze in the world. The time taken to solve the puzzle of the maze varies, but on average it should take around 40 minutes. So, it’s inevitable that someone has already ‘hacked’ the maze using Google Maps, GPS and the iPhone 3G. More information here.


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