So the Olympics are in full effect after an amazing opening ceremony.  Time to catch up on the events on teh Internets?

Not so fast Apple users!  Install Microsoft Silverlight Beta 2 if we want to watch any streaming videos from 

Two year old PowerPC Mac?  Sorry, Silverlight doesn’t work on your machine.

We didn’t plan on having to install a potentially very annoying Microsoft application framework just to watch some web videos.  Ever heard of Flash?  Why one earth would NBC…Oh..MSNBC…Nevermind.

It is really hard to feel sorry for old media when they make bonehead decisions like this at the expense of their would-be viewers..

If you are obliged, go to MSNBC’s Silverlight page.  After all of that whining, it is only a 7mb download and hasn’t done anything horrible to our machines…yet.


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