One Little Question…

  Okay, so we’ve all seen the new iPods and agree they rock.  Just one little question.  Why does Apple make us compromise every time?  I love the new "Shake to Shuffle" feature, but will we see it in the iPod Classic?  I know it’s "Classic" but when will we see something new in the technology?  The thing I hate: I want tons of space, but tons of cool features.  The iPod Nano won’t hold my entire library, but you can do some pretty cool stuff with it.  When will we see an accelerometer in the massive iPod?  What will I do if I want to play cool games that require an accelerometer? Complain. That’s the answer. Complaining works.  One more thing….Color.  When will we see more color options for the iPod Classic and Touch?  I think that’s one of the major reasons people buy the iPod Nano.  What’s your say?  Leave a comment and tell me why you would buy a scrawny little iPod Nano and not an iPod Classic. 


And If 100 people read this, I should see 100 comments so don’t just leave and not comment!!! 

That goes for YOU!!!

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