Android software engineer Andy Stadler has explained a little more on how search works Android-powered phones on the Google Mobile blog.

Google has chosen to integrate search across its platform and inside most applications, including Maps and Android Market.

"We’ve made Search easier to use by providing suggestions. As you type, the list of suggestions refines itself, and you’ll immediately jump to that search with a simple touch," the company reveals on its blog. Essentially that sounds like predictive search – should be useful on a mobile device.

Google has also done something even smarted, and has integrated search across the platform so that applications can share search capabilities with each other. What that mean? Well, imagine listening to a track on the music player and exercising a search on the artist name to bring up YouTube clips or the artist’s webpage.

Expect more innovative use of search as Google also claims to have introduced API’s that should let developers integrate search within their applications.

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