If you live in the US or Canada, like it or not, your English pretty much sounds the same to the outside world…and the Google iPhone application.   Those outside this area have been having less success with the Google iPhone voice recognition application it seems … at least that’s what some of our commenters have said. 

Is this your experience out there?  What could Google do to fix this?  Perhaps they could use the location information in the app to determine what accent to use? 

The downside of that is that you’ll have Americans doing their best Monty Python accents when using iPhones in London and you’ll have Brits sounding like surfers in New York…not that we aren’t anyway.

We were actually looking for the clip where Clark was trying to use his pocket translator to decipher what the British hotelier was saying.  If anyone can find this, leave it in the comments and we’ll update :D

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