Here’s another one for next week.  We know it seems a bit nuts but try to stay with us here, OK? 

Word on the street is that Garage Band users will be able to buy celebrity music lessons from Apple.  For instance, if you are a drummer, you might be able to purchase for $6.99, a drumming lesson from Neil Peart (we don’t know the specific artists/prices involved).  You then download the lessons and in a few (thousand) weeks you are hammering away YYZ like nobody’s business. 


That’s all the information we were given.  This could obviously go in a few directions.  Will the lessons be just videos or interactive media?  Will you buy them from iTunes or will Garage band incorporate its own storefront?  Will lessons from Green Day cost more than lessons from Yanni?  Can we get singing lessons from Brittney Spears? 

Update: Some have said it will be called Mentor

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