Google Chrome for Mac coming soon

As Wired reports, the makeup of Google Chrome 2.0 Alpha indicates that the browser could be hitting the Mac (and Linux) platform at any moment.  The major roadblock for version 1.0 to go cross platform was that it was based on the Windows-only WinHTTP library.  This was likely to get the browser out the door on Windows as soon as possible.

The Chrome 2.0 alpha also has some big news for for Mac and Linux users who’d like to try Chrome: Chrome 2.0 uses its own HTTP network library rather than the WinHTTP library on Windows. 

The Windows-only HTTP library was one of the main stumbling blocks to cross-platform support and now that it’s gone the Mac and Linux versions should see some significant progress in the near future.


Google’s Chrome browser is based on Webkit, as are many other mobile and desktop browsers out there, including Apple’s Safari. 

To get the latest news on Google Chrome for Mac, head over to Google’s dedicated Chromium Mac site.  For those who can wait, Crossover has a version that runs off of the WINE APIs.  That, or you can install it on a VMWare or Parallels partition.

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