The AP goes Youtube:  This one covers Stevo’s health issue and won’t have too much you don’t know already:

Contrast this with Newsweek’s Dan "Fake Steve" Lyons who says in today’s column:

Jobs, in contrast [To outgoing Microsoftie Bill Gates], seems determined to hang on at Apple no matter what. See, in the world of Steve, it’s all about Steve. When he does go, he will be remembered as a tremendous genius—but also as a petulant narcissist with a grandiose sense of his importance and a sadly limited view of the world around him. Ironically, it is Gates, his archnemesis, who will likely go down in history as the classy one: the one who knew how to exit gracefully, the one who is devoting the later years of his life, and all of his billions, to helping the world’s poorest people—and not clinging to his CEO job while he insults reporters and plays petty cat-and-mouse games with Apple shareholders and fanboys.



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