OK, file this into the "would be nice to have" or "making lemonade out of lemons" but Apple, this weekend, discontinued its mildly popular Bluetooth headset.  Bad news?  Maybe not.

We also know that the new iPhone version 3.0 software includes support for A2DP stereo Bluetooth.  So do current models of iPod touch and iPhone.  What better way for Apple to tout its new functionality than to introduce a "world’s XXXXXest" stereo Bluetooth headset?  June-Julyish?

Until now, if you’ve wanted stereo Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPod you had to buy a third party adapter.  There are also lots of A2DP Stereo Bluetooth heasets available out there now if you want to hedge your bets..

Yeah we know other phones have had A2DP funtionality for awhile…but it will be better this time, right?

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