According to the fine folks over at AI, the soon-to-be-released iPhone 2,1 references the Broadcom BCM4329 wireless chip in the boot script.  This is a significant upgrade over the current Broadcom BCM4325 for a number of reasons. As they pointed out, the component upgrade adds power savings and new support for 802.11n features, including the ability to find and join 5GHz networks. 

But they neglected to mention that it also adds the ability to receive and send (the previous model could only receive) information through FM radio signals which theoretically could be used to broadcast sound into car stereos..without external adapters.  It could also be used to pick up FM radio music, news and sports broadcasts on their iPhones and even, in August, on iPods.  Currently the FM reciever is only used to pick up communications from the Nike+ peripheral.

MobileDevDesign points out:

The BCM4329

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