Apple to make OLED MacBook soon?

The Register is today reporting (and also Smarthouse) that an LG insider spilled the news that Apple will soon be updating its MacBook Pro line to include an OLED option.

"An LG staffer has made the very bold claim that 15in Apple notebooks equipped with OLED displays will appear within months… the mole added that once Apple’s unveiled its 15in OLED notebook, LG will then launch its own standalone 15in OLED panels later in the year."

This would make the price of the OLED option MacBook get pretty steep, according to the Register who quote a £2000 ($2700) starting price.  That doesn’t seem that hefty to a high end MacBook Pro buyer.  It would also – theoretically – make the MacBook Pro thinner and lighter.  And tastier.

The Register went on to say that they expected some larger screen OLED displays for televisions (And perhaps Apple Monitors?).  One interesting thing about OLED displays is that not only are they extraodinarily thin, they can also be curved slightly.

Could this be the minor upgrade our tipster was speaking of?  We can only hope!


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