Is Forbes magazine anti-Apple?

That’s the theory posted over at Valleywag on the heels of the Forbes cover story on Jobs’ options backdating deposition.  It looks like Forbes might have had some help finding the three hour deposition from someone formerly inside Apple.  To break it down:

– Forbes is partially owned by Elevation Partners as of 2006

– Yes, the same Elevation Partners that invested heavily in the Palm Pre

– Elevation Partners includes Fred Anderson (former Apple CFO and Board member – who left Apple amid backdating scandal) who isn’t the biggest SJobs fan.  Little known fact: He was the CEO that Jobs replaced because he replaced Gil Amelio temporarily while the Apple Board talked Jobs into coming back.

– Obviously Jon Rubenstein, former Apple exec is part of Elevation partners and now chairman of Palm.

– Daniel "Fake Steve" Lyons wrote his often critical Apple views while at Forbes.  He now works at Newsweek.

The question is: Can Forbes "rescue itself" from being critical of Apple in light of the fact that it is actually under the same umbrella organization as Palm? There is absolutely no hard evidence to suggest that Forbes is biased and they have written many pro-Aple articles in the past.  Perhaps they should mention in their Palm and Apple stories that they are under the same umbrella organization as Apple competitor, Palm.



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