iPhone 3-for-all

Look, we know what type of trouble we are asking for here, so let’s get this out of the way first: You are responsible for what you do.  We take no responsibility for this information and if your iPhone explodes, we don’t even care.

That being said, and only(!!) if you so choose, you can now download the 3.0 OS software from those nefarious torrent sites, or your buddy who is a iPhone developer.   You can then option/install it on your iPhone/iPod touch using iTunes and get a week jump on Apple’s official release.  Also, remember to get the right firmware for your device.  iPhone 3G has different firmware than the original iPhone for instance.  Finally, consider that the 3.0 software updates the baseband, potentially making a SIM-unlock more difficult.

Before, to do update to 3.0, you’d need a developer to put your Device ID in a list.  Now, iPhones and iPod touches are activating normally without being "on the list".  Plus, this is the GM that we’ve been playing with for awhile and we can say that this is very stable and complete…plus, for some reason we can still tether on AT&T.

If you want to share your "experiences" in the comments, we’re pretty sure the iPhone community would appreciate your help.

…and please, all of you goody-two-shoes out there, try to refrain from doing what you do.

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