Research In Motion has tacitly confirmed it thinks the web browsing experience on BlackBerry smartphones fails to match that offered on an iPhone – and customers will have to wait until next year before the Canadian firm catches up, an analyst said today.

TD Newcrest analyst, Chris Umiastowski, has released a video, Evaluation of BlackBerry and iPhone, in which he quotes RIM saying they expect the BlackBerry Browser to be on par with Apple’s browser by next summer…

The seventeen minute video also shows the iPhone to be beating BlackBerry in almost every category from a non enterprise perspective, bar text entry and email, but warns RIM could catch up by next year.

(Assuming Apple hasn’t overtaken itself by then, which, let’s face it, it usually does).

The analyst points out that RIM’s non-enterprise user base has grown to account for 80 per cent of the installed base since the iPhone switched on consumers to smartphones. And RIM’s up against the iPhone in the non-enterprise sector.

“It is becoming quite clear to us that RIM has a lot of catching-up to do in the non-enterprise space,” Umiastowski said.

He looks at video capture, pointing to RIM’s lower resolution video capture to note, “this was probably standard on mobile phone video, but Apple has raised the bar once again.”

There’s lots of information in the original video, but we suggest you contact the analysis firm to ask for more, or try this link.

Via: Rimarkable.

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