AT&T has hinted a new version of the iPhone OS will ship later this month, iPhone Software 3.1.

The new software is likely to deliver on some of the promises made to AT&T users when iPhone 3.0 shipped, specifically MMS messaging (at last) and the capacity to engage in Bluetooth file transfers.

iPhone 3.1 will also likely offer support for any of those features we’ve been hearing so much rumour and speculation about, such as social networking of iTunes songs played, potentially a subscription-based streaming music service and more.

We also predict the software update will be made available for iPod touch users (yes, that’s pure speculation, but let’s face it, it’s the least likely unlikely you’ve ever seen this side of a specious double-negative).

Whatever the content of the new patch, we’re pretty certain we’re going to know by the middle of next week on September 9, when Apple opens the curtains and informs the public and the industry of just how it’s going to improve its iPod products to maintain another year or two of market leadership. (Hint: It’s not just cameras, it’s what you can do with them that matters…).

Also of interest to industry watchers is if we’re going to find out what those recently noticed ‘iProd0,1’ and ‘iProd1.1’ products are going to be – 6-inch giant iPod touch maybe? Or just a casual slice of rumour-mongering?

Wait and see. It’s open season on speculation once again. Enjoy.

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