A lot has been made of the ZuneHD vs. iPod touch competition that is currently underway.  However, a third competitor, the Android-based Archos 5, may make a better choice than the ZuneHD or even the new Sony device to compete with the iPod.

Here are a just few reasons why:

  • It runs Android which has a working apps store and Google behind it.  Included apps: Webbrowser, Email, Contacts, DroidIn™, Ebuddy™IM, Twidroid™, Deezer™, Dailymotion™, QuickPedia, ThinkFree Mobile, Moov, CraigsPhone, Pages jaunes™ (only for France), High Paying Jobs (only for US & Canada), Alarm clock, Calculator.
  • Built-in GPS, built-in DVR, 802.11N, FM receiver AND transmitter (to broadcast music into car stereo)
  • 800×480 screen 3X compared to Zune’s 480×272, over an inch larger
  • Up to 500GB Hard drive version, MicroSD card slot for an additional 32GB of Flash storage
  • Bluetooth keyboard support
  • Flash 10 support in 2010
  • the Archos 5G has 3G wireless built-in.

 Overall, a pretty insane features list.  We’re certainly more interested in this than a Zune.  Prices start at around $200.

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