Apple Store walkout planned

ifoAppleStore is reporting that employees of a Seattle area Apple Store are planning a 1PM walkout on October 3rd.  Alderwood Mall retail employees cite “abusive” management and possible state and federal labor law violations at the store.  Their complaints have have gone unheard (until now, most probably) by Apple’s upper management.

According to insiders, the employees’ complaints haven’t been fully investigated by the company’s human resources department. After reaching an impasse with Sr. VP Retail Ron Johnson over the issue, a group of Specialists, Geniuses and Creatives say they will walk out to bring attention to their complaints, and that several former employees will join the protest.

We saw this and the first thing we thought of was: Seattle?  What other company in Seattle is hiring Apple Store employees?  But this is likely just a few bad Apples managers ruining the party.  We’d be surprised if the whole situation is wiped away before October hits.

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