This probably isn’t what you think but it is still an extremely interesting development. Techcrunch reports that Adobe is making middleware that allows developers to port their Flash apps to the iPhone.

The upcoming version of Flash CS5 will allow you the option to "Export Project to native iPhone application."  You then get a file you can submit to the App Store.  This isn’t some far of alpha either.  There are already apps in the app store (South Park!) that have been developed with Flash, though a full release isn’t expected to be out until Flash CS5 – which you can be notified of here.

Wow.  (BTW, is that a we see up there? WAs it made with Flash?)

This would be the first third-party application development environment for the iPhone and one we’re not so sure Apple will sanction.   

This is also interesting because some feel that Apple’s Keynote is an alternative development environment to Flash because it allows you to export simple animated presentations to .swf format without using Flash (we’re not so sure about that classification, however).

Here’s some more apps that were (covertly developed?) made with Flash that are already in the App Store. 

Chroma Circuit


Trading Stuff




Just Letters


South Park


That Roach Game


Red Hood




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