Interesting marketing strategy here.  They do a full episode of the Family Guy-type comedy based on a Windows 7 story line (Family Guy also has an iPhone App).  The show won’t have any commercials because it is bought and paid for by Microsoft.  Kind of blurring the lines between entertainment and advertising. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft does with this strategy.

Video from previous sponsored programing via Engadget.

"You’ll see us deeply integrated into the content … you’ll hear a lot about how Windows 7 can help you simplify your PC — it’s simple, fast and easy to use," said Gayle Troberman, general manager of consumer engagement and advertising at Microsoft. She went on: "Think about metaphors and examples we might use, talking about how simple things are. We’ll be evoking the cast of ‘Family Guy’ in some interesting ways that integrate the product messages."


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