Update: Yep, we can tick Stuff off of our list of reliable sources.

In a move destined to create much gnawing and gnashing of teeth among company watchers, Apple today allegedly denied it intends introducing any new products later on.

An Apple source has poured cold water on the hubbub of expectation, denying the company plans any announcement “today or tomorrow”.

Stuff reports: “We’ve been in contact with Apple to see if there was any comment to the rumoured announcement. We were first told we "hadn’t missed any Apple announcements", and when pressed on if there was any news on events today or tomorrow, we got the simple reply: "Nope".”

Clutching at straws, we’d like to point out that not every Apple product upgrade actually makes it all the way to “announcement” status, some just quietly slip into being on the Apple Store, but these tend to be slight model upgrades rather than the whizz-bang credit-card attention-seeking new product salvos we’ve learned to love.

We’ll wait and see if there’s any change in the situation, but as of 11.57am UK time, the Apple Store remains open for business and there’s no news there.

NOTE: Above image is illustrative only, as explained above the Apple Store remains open for business.

UPDATE: In the last half hour, Apple Stores in Australia, New Zealand and Japan have gone offline…check back for what happens next…

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