Update: Amazon has dropped Droid to $150 as well

You might be able to find a refurbished iPhone for $49 off…but only if if it is refurbished.  Even chain discounter Walmart only takes $2 off the price of the iPhone and there are never sales.  Apple simply doesn’t discount it, ever (we’ll see about Black Friday). 

Verizon/Motorola have taken a different approach with their top handset.  Merely a week after launch, the Droid has already lost $80 in value over at Dell who are selling it for $120 with plan.  This follows news that the Palm Pre is selling for $79.99 at Amazon (Pixie is $24.99 – not even enough to qualify for free shipping – zoikes).

Why are Verizon and Motorola so quick to discount the Droid when apparently it has been flying off of shelves?

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