One thing you won’t be able to pick up this CyberMonday is TechCunch founder Michael Arrington’s Crunchpad.  In a public note today posted on TechCrunch, Arrington says that his partners have tried to renegotiate the terms of the deal and they’ve given up.  Arrington’s stance is that their hardware partners are playing hardball and trying to steal their intelectual property.  They have no choice but to back out and sue (Arrington is a lawyer).

While this could also be a negotiating tactic by Arrington, the bad blood between him and his hardware partners look like the end to the project.  The tablet – shown at right and below – has a very sleek body and 12-inch capacitive touch display.  According to Arrington, it ran Linux incl. Chrome and would even run Windows.  Therefore we know it was probably based on x86 (Intel Atom?)

Arrington’s description of the OS is remarkably similar to Google’s Chrome OS which was basically just a BrowserOS. 

The hardware looks sexy enough to sell, perhaps Google or some other company will buy out the rights to the project and hit the streets with it.

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