AT&T made more threatening remarks aimed at iPhone users (“Wireless data hogs”) who use too much “audio and video streaming” today.  AT&T Wireless CEO Ralph de la Vega told attendees at a UBS conference in New York…

Wireless data hogs who jam the airwaves by watching video on their iPhones will be put on tighter leashes, …[AT&T] will also give high-bandwidth users incentives to “reduce or modify their usage.”

Just 3 percent of “smart” phone users are consuming 40 percent of the network capacity, de la Vega said, adding that the most high-bandwidth activity is video and audio streaming. Several applications on the iPhone provide nonstop Internet radio.

De la Vega also defended the network’s performance, saying testing showed that AT&T’s third-generation, or 3G, network was faster than that of competitors, and that major problems are concentrated in New York and San Francisco, which are packed with smart phone users.

AT&T has already pushed iPhone Tethering back into 2010 with no hard date in sight.

In related news, UStream broadcaster got accepted into the App Store last night.  

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