It is a bit early to be calling this one, but it looks pretty likely that this year’s WWDC will be held on from Monday, June 28 to Friday, July 2, 2010.  What makes us think so?  Moscone Center’s summer schedule (below) has a “Corporate Event” scheduled for those dates.  Apple has used this un-named moniker in the past to reserve their dates at the convention center.

If you are planning on attending, it might make sense to avoid making appointments for that week (and why not be the first to book fully refundable travel reservations?).  If scheduled as such, the event would also overlap with the 3rd anniversary of the release fo the iPhone and also AT&T’s contract.

WWDC is traditionally when Apple rolls out its new iPhone hardware and software along with other product announcements.  This year’s event could see such far fetched items as a tablet and/or new iPhone mobile carriers.  Thanks to BBTRINET

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