Google announced its GDrive storage today which will compete with Apple’s $99/year or less MobileMe service (and Microsoft’s Office Live).  Google’s service will be an add on to its Docs storage interface and will be Web only for the moment, though third party ‘uploaders’ exist.  Google’s service is free for the first Gigabyte but then is another $.25/GB/year.  So for instance, if you wanted to store  MobileMe iDisk’s 20GB of Cloud storage, you’d have to pay Google $5/year.  The service is also consolidated for enterprise users that is $17/year for 5GB of shared storage.

To be fair, MobileMe is far more integrated into the OS than Google’s offering.  Google seems to be building for future storage with its ChomeOS rather that being a virtual drive for your current file system. 

Do any of you have plans to use Google’s storage services?

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