Scrollmotion is the largest publisher to Apple’s App Store by far. 

We currently offer over 2,500 best-selling books in the App Store, and are thrilled to announce we will soon be bringing more than a million books, as well as more than 50 major magazines and over 170 daily newspapers to the iPhone. Our content partners include most of the leading book, newspaper and magazine publishers in the United States, as well as a growing portfolio of film, television, and educational clients.

With their Iceberg reader software they are able to take a book and turn it into a interactive app quickly and at the same time add lots of interactive media.  They’ve also got deals with all of the major publishing houses so it would make sense that theyd be involved with the Tablet’s eReading functionality, right?

I’d heard earlier that they were being bypassed by Apple, even though Apple brought them to stage at last year’s WWDC where they showed off the unreleased features of iPhone OS 3.0  (in-app purchases, etc.) for Iceberg reader.

The strange thing is that, when asked to comment, I got this reply:


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