REAL Apple tablet picture leaked?

Well look what we have here…Engadget seems to have found some pictures of what appears to be “the tablet” browsing a new and improved Maps application.  The device appears to come complete with a home button on the bottom.  Looking in the top left corner, you can see “No Service”, which would tell us that this thing will in fact have 3G connectivity of some sort.

Notes on the Maps application: the “Locate Me” button and Bookmarks buttons have been relocated to the top of the screen next to the search bar.  Also, on the far right, you can see the end of the word “Directions”.  We’ve seen A LOT of supposed tablet pictures, but this one, this one seems pretty legit from the looks of it.


Engadget goes on to state that one of their sources (not connected with the pictures) says that “the tablet” still called “K48” by Apple employees will sell for $800 on contract with Verizon and $1000 unlocked.  Furthermore, this particular source says that there will be NO Macbook news tomorrow.

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