Update: As is usually is the case, there is another side to the story where the kid actually took the picture of himself doing something improper and administrators were just perusing his hard drive…

What’s wrong with some school administrators?  Clearly they don’t have a sense for right and wrong when something insane like this happens.

Short Version: Kids get free laptops for one-to-one education program.  Administration loads crazy spy cam software that can be activated remotely and snaps pictures of kids at home doing “improper stuff”.  To prove it, they show a web camera snap of whatever he was doing (hopefully this is “pre-puberty improper”).  

Administration never mentioned that they could randomly watch students in their homes via the webcams.  Parents sue. Tax dollars are going to get wasted settling this and idiots will hopefully get fired.

Apple’s excellent One-to-One laptop program tarnished by few bad administrators.  Kids tape over their school laptop webcams.

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