Some interesting information has come to light this evening that may indicate a future direction of Apple’s iPhone OS products.  Below is some pretty definitive evidence that future iPhones and iPads will have video chatting capability.

These icons were found in the 3.2 SDK which seem to indicate that there will be video calling on a future iPxxx device.

But Wait!  That’s not all.  If you click below, hidden in some of the underlying iPad telephony apps are some VideoChat strings that are equally, if not more, telling evidence of future VideoChatting capabilities.

Video chat likely means front facing camera on these devices as well.  We’ll know more soon.  Also, we’ve found some references to “iChat”.

While it is possible that Apple brought code over from its Mac telephony products, it is unlikely that they also built icons and compressed them into the iPad SDK for such a product if it weren’t being built for future release.

Thanks again @sonny788 for your help!

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