In the real (not torrenting) world, you have to pay to get video content.  Whether that is by watching ads on Hulu or paying iTunes $1.99 per episode for TV, the content makers need to get paid.  Any other system isn’t going to work in the long run.

Apple, we know, is a friend to record labels, movies studios and TV networks in that they set up systems that make payment easy, and for the most part, transparent and fair.  We now know they are working on commercials too.

Patently Apple today shows that Apple is working on a system that replicates TV commercials for online video.  We’re not exactly sure how this is different from Hulu’s current system (it actually looks quite similar).  In Apple’s system, each bit of a video can only be opened up by watching a ad.  So if you only want to watch the last sequence, you have to watch the ad before it.  Like Hulu.

Apple is also looking for some mobile developer talent to build advertising systems that use CSS and HTML5.

Initially, we thought that this may also tie in with the Quattro Wireless deal (and it still might) but Quattro is much more focused on smaller, mobile ads.

BTW, is that Charlie from Lost up top?

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