Dell’s new Android-based Mini 5 (Streak) details were leaked to Engadget last week and seem to have some of the features desired on future iPod touch devices.  Specifically: cameras, a better screen both in size and resolution and 3G data. These look like they could be very popular devices if priced low — which Dell is known for.  Apple usually updates its iPod lines in August September.

Imagine if they sell the device with a similar data plan as the iPad except with Google Voice with Gizmo5 VoIP.  And maybe even tethering for a nominal cost?   That’d be tempting to a few people (present company included).

Will these things give Apple’s iPod touch platform a run for its money? In either case, it may motivate Apple to update the functionality of its mobile devices.

Their content deal with Amazon (below) also appears to be a pretty tempting proposition.


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