I never understand why the upfront cost is such a big factor in smartphone purchases.  That $100 you save on the iPhone 3G vs. the 3GS is probably the same as your monthly bill (that you pay 24 times over) and you have to live with a previous generation iPhone for two years!  Dumb.

With that in mind, on the eve (OK, not really) of a new iPhone release Walmart announced that it was cutting the price of its iPhone 3GS to $97 with a two year plan this week.  Formerly, the 8GB iPhone 3G occupied this price point, but those look to be running out of stock.   We heard earlier today that the iPhone 3GS might stick around at this price point.

Plus those iPhone 4/HD’s are coming around the bend and it is inventory-reducing time in Cupertino.

Walmart currently lists the old prices for iPhone 3GS models and doesn’t have the iPhone 3G on its website any longer.

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