If a story from Zhongguancun Online News (A CBS subsidiary) is to be believed, Apple will be giving Foxconn employees a small percentage of the devices profits directly.  The quote is 1-2% but it is unconfirmed.  

As Apple typically has a 30-40% margin on their wares, this doesn’t seem like it would hurt their bottom line too badly and the PR would certainly help.  Plus it might give those distraught employees something to live for.   The paper also says the iPad will be the first device to start this scheme.  

Apple will probably be commenting on this story if it true.  Stay tuned?

Rough Google translation:

Sources said Apple will staff its products OEM Foxconn to provide direct financial subsidies, subsidies for the amount of profit for Apple products by 1% -2%.We have previously reported that Apple employees have been involved in the investigation chain Foxconn suicide cases. Apple believes that low wages or a major incentive for such cases. To enable the public the plight of Foxconn out as soon as possible, Apple decided to Foxconn, Apple’s products, foundry workers to give direct financial subsidies. According to Apple, the proportion of Apple products at subsidized prices by 1% -2% of profits. First of all, will be subsidized is iPad product line employees. Apple iPad Foxconn currently paid to the OEM cost of 2.3% of product prices, subsidies that figure will reach 3%, this is a cost equivalent to iPad aluminum shell.

 (via Engadget)

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